• Graphic Design

    Noticing the small things in life has really created a new perspective for me.
    This whole perspective began when I first was introduced into the field via high school classes.
    With my creative aspects I was able to stand out and help persuade others to take up the class
    and explore their inner graphic styles.

    The process of correcting images, laying out magazine spreads and creating advertisements
    to promote a business and or a product is an art, and this art is what I specialize in.

    Artist Statement

    Our everyday views on life vary from person to person. From my creative standpoint, I notice the
    small things that are always overlooked. The small things are what helps provide emphasis on creating a whole.
    It helps bring a sense of closure for me. From the small intricate details in our everyday items,
    to the hues and shades provided via the sun during parts of the day,
    the time taken in discovering their special aspects
    can really create a new standard on how to see things.

    About Me

    I am Brian Willoughby, and I am currently studying in the field of graphic design
    to receive my Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA). After graduating from high school,
    I took a summer off to prepare for college life. In the fall of 2008,
    I started my college life by majoring in mechanical engineering.
    After finding out that my focus was more so upon the art world, I switched majors
    in the spring of 2009 and am currently learning to become a graphic designer.

    Growing up in the country has influenced my style quite a lot. Natural colors are often used in my works
    and or nature itself is used as a photograph. With growing up in a small town,
    a neighbor always helps a neighbor, so I am a down-to-earth person and am willing to help anyone in need.